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Peace for Ukraine

Ukraine faces a humanitarian catastrophe that should have been left behind forever in the last century. The Ukrainian cities are constantly shelled and millions of people are deprived of their basic needs. Under the pressure of this terrible crisis, they are running out of food, medical supplies and other necessities.


It is our duty to do everything in our power to help the suffering people in Ukraine. Donate now to be part of the support and save lives.

About us

Dove of Peace for Ukraine is a Swiss association founded with the aim of alleviating the suffering of the Ukrainian population affected by the war. We are committed to helping the Ukrainian people where the need is greatest and adapting our goals to the respective situation.

The Dove of Peace for Ukraine works directly with the Verkhovna Rada Committee for Humanitarian Aid and Information Policy and follows the guidelines of other Ukrainian governmental and non-governmental organizations in order to provide the requested assistance in an organized and systematic manner.

Our current goal is to organize the necessary humanitarian aid for Ukraine on a large scale, e.g. B. Food, rations and medical supplies. In addition, we want to help those who have had to flee Ukraine by providing them with all the supplies they need to settle down and live a normal and comfortable life until the war is over.

When the war is over and the security situation allows, the Dove of Peace for Ukraine will use the remaining funds to rebuild Ukraine's infrastructure and to help Ukrainian citizens who have suffered from the war.


The actions of the Dove of Peace for Ukraine are guided by the following strategic principles:

The Dove of Peace for Ukraine will support the conflict-affected Ukrainian population through organised, centralized and systematic humanitarian aid, procuring it from major producers and delivering it to Ukraine.

The Peace Dove for Ukraine supports people who have been forced to flee Ukraine with financial, legal and any other type of help they need to live a full life.

The Dove of Peace for Ukraine operates in an environment where there is an active war. Taking into account the immediate needs of Ukrainians will be our constant goal, and we will respond flexibly and quickly to those needs.


Decision-making process:

Dove of Peace for Ukraine makes all decisions in collective agreement with the members of the association and prioritizes the resources for measures that have the greatest possible benefit for Ukraine and the Ukrainian citizens.

The decisions are made on the basis of open information published by the Ukrainian government bodies and accredited non-governmental organizations, as well as on the basis of information provided directly to the association by the Ukrainian officials in charge of receiving and distributing humanitarian aid will.

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