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Peace for Ukraine

Ukraine is facing a humanitarian catastrophe of the kind that should have been left behind forever in the last century. Ukrainian cities are being shelled incessantly, and millions of people are being deprived of their basic needs. Under the pressure of this terrible crisis, they are running out of food, medical care and other essentials.

It is our duty to do everything in our power to help the suffering people of Ukraine. Donate now to be part of the support and save lives.

About Us

Dove of Peace for Ukraine is a Swiss association created with the objective to
alleviate the suffering of the Ukrainian people affected by the ongoing war. We pledge ourselves to help the Ukrainians in the areas where there is the most pressing need and adjust our goals according to the situation.

Dove of Peace for Ukraine is working directly with the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Humanitarian and Information Policy, as well as following the guidelines provided by other Ukrainian governmental and non-governmental organizations to deliver requested aid in an organized and systematic way.

Our current goal is to organize large-scale delivery of the necessary humanitarian aid to be sent to Ukraine, such as food, rations, and medical goods. Additionally, our purpose is to assist those who were forced to flee Ukraine, by providing them with all the aid necessary for them to be able to settle and live normal and comfortable life until the war is over.


Strategy & Goals:

The actions of Dove of Peace for Ukraine are guided by the following strategic principles:

Dove of Peace for Ukraine will support Ukrainian people affected by the conflict by providing organised, centralised, and systematic humanitarian aid, by obtaining it from large scale producers and delivering it to Ukraine.

Dove of Peace for Ukraine will support people who were forced to flee Ukraine, by providing financial, legal and all other kinds of necessary assistance to enable them to lead a full life. Dove of Peace for Ukraine is operating in an environment of an active war. Considerations of the immediate needs of Ukrainians shall be our constant goal and we shall be flexible and rapid in adjusting to them.


Decision making:

Dove of Peace for Ukraine makes all decisions by collective agreement of the members of the association and prioritises the usage resources towards actions which will maximize the benefit for the Ukraine and Ukrainian citizens.

The decisions are made on the basis of the open information published by the Ukrainian governmental agencies, as well as accredited non-governmental
organization and based on the information communicated directly to the association by the Ukrainian officials responsible for receiving a distributing humanitarian aid.

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